"As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields"
Leo Tolstoy

Vegan For a Day Tours are fun and informative for all sorts of people including: the parents of children who now only want to eat vegan foods; vegans who are new to Melbourne; food and wine lovers; anyone curious about veganism. 

Discover that there are now plant-based alternatives for not only food but also everything from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, alternative medicines, glues, household cleaning products... the list goes on!


A maximum of 10 people attend each minibus tour. Private tours for one or two people can also be organised.

Our tours will vary, but our typical Melbourne itinerary includes the following great places:


Matcha Mylkbar 


Union Kiosk

The Cruelty Free Shop

Smith & Deli

Vegan Style

BeeKeeper Parade

The Vegie Bar

Girls & Boys Ice Cream Bar
Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop

Eka Wholefoods



then we'll drop you back to North Melbourne station.

Breakfast, various samplings and afternoon tea are all included in the price of your ticket. Where we eat breakfast and afternoon tea will vary from tour to tour.

Tours vary in price - please check our Bookings page. Concessions are available for children - see FAQ.

You will be notified of your tour's exact itinerary when you book. Of course, many of our tours are to exciting out-of-city locations.

A vegan speaker will join us at one of our stops to share their vegan story. Some tours include a visit to the famed animal sanctuary, Edgar's Mission.

I’d like to advise you to wear comfortable shoes and to possibly not eat too much the day before because, honestly, you’ll be wanting to try everything. Bring a carry bag for anything that you buy. A sun hat and sunglasses if sunny; an umbrella if the forecast says rain.


-The tour price includes a chauffeured mini bus to get us around Melbourne, your tour guide, breakfast, snacks, samples and afternoon tea. You will not go home hungry!

-Vegan for a Day Tours are family friendly.





Contact: Ginger on

0407 700 473 or