Vegan For A Day tours would like to announce a new spin on my already successful mini bus tours with StrEat WALKING TOURS .. to launch these tours let me take you on a degustation of Melbourne's iconic vegan StrEat ... Brunswick St in Fitzroy!

This StrEat boasts the most vegan businesses of any other suburb in Melbourne.

Let’s meet at the cruelty free shop on Johnston street Fitzroy and take a look at the wide range of vegan products available now to buy. It’s nearly Easter so this is a good tour to purchase cruelty free gifts for yourself, family and friends.

Next let’s skip up the road to Smith & Deli - synonymous with vegan deliciousness!

Then back along the sunny side of Brunswick street to Vegan style .. who needs new shoes?

Feeling hungry at this stage let’s try some of the most delicious Vietnamese vegan food on this StrEat .. for the brave hearts let’s drink a shot of durian!

Let’s cross the road to a beautiful creation that feels like stepping into the garden of eden for some shared dishes that will awaken your tastebuds.

StrEat food doesn’t get much better than what Tahini delivers.

The highlight of any degustation is dessert ... and my suggestion will not disappoint!

This tour will run for 4 hours and you’ll get to Eat, Drink, Shop, Learn and Laugh...

Wear comfortable shoes and I’ll bring you one of my homemade up cycled shopping bags to keep.

The tour includes all food and drinks except your personal shopping purchases.

This tour costs $65 per person.

This is a perfect tour if you’re new to Melbourne, new to veganism, want to make new friends, want to do some shopping before Easter, are vegan and just love food as much as I do!

This tour will be the first of many StrEat WALKING TOURS I’ll be launching this year... the next StrEat WALKING TOUR will be Smith StrEat Collingwood....




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